10 Steps to owning your New Home in 14 Weeks

Week 1

Week 1

1 : Booking

Complete a booking form with the appointed Selling Agents and pay a booking deposit. This will secure your booking for a period of 8 weeks, in order to allow you to secure your finance and sign a contract.  A Contract & Legal pack will be issued to your Solicitor within a few days of your booking being confirmed.  You will also receive a welcome letter and information on what to expect throughout the process.

Week 1

2 : Finance

Secure your finance offer by applying for your full mortgage offer on the site/plot that you have booked, or by confirming whatever other finance source you may be using.

Weeks 2-4

Week 2

3 : Solicitor / Pre-Contract Enquiries

Speak to your Solicitor and ask them to review the Contract & Legal pack as soon as possible in order to allow them to raise pre-contract enquiries while your finance is being secured.  This will allow you to move straight to contract once your mortgage offer is issued.

Weeks 3-4

4 : Contract Signing

Once your finance is secured, you should make an appointment with your Solicitor to sign your Contract (also called a House Sale Agreement or Employment Contract) and, if applicable, your Agreement for Transfer (this is agreement to purchase the actual land/site that your house is being built on which is sometime separate to the House Sale Agreement).

Weeks 4-6

Week 4

5 : Contract Deposit

A 10% contract deposit is required on signing of the Contract, so when visiting your Solicitor to sign, you should also lodge the balance 10% (i.e. 10% less the £2,000 booking deposit you have already paid) with your Solicitor and they will then hold this until we formally enter contract.

Weeks 5-6

6 : Contract Execution

Once you have signed your Contract, it will then travel to our Solicitor and then onwards to our offices.  We will then counter-sign and set a more accurate completion date for you (this will be agreed with you before we enter contract).  Following this, your contract will be returned to your Solicitor for acceptance, after which your balance deposit payment will be sent to us.  This process should take about 5-6 working days.

Weeks 6-8

End of Week 6

7 : Formally in Contract

Once the counter-signed Contract has been accepted by your Solicitor and the deposit has been paid, we will be formally in contract.  You will then be asked to make your purchaser selections for carpets, tiles and kitchen finishes.

Weeks 7-8

8 : Purchaser Selections / Fit-out

Once we enter Contract, you will receive a letter (by email only unless otherwise requested) providing details of our carpet, tile & kitchen suppliers and who to contact about making an appointment to make your selections.  Depending on how close we are to completion/handover, you will have around 10 working days to make and confirm your choices.

Week 8 onwards

Week 8+

9 : Final Fit-out

Once your purchaser selections are confirmed and ordered, we will review your completion date and amend it, if necessary.  We will discuss this with you, if it is required.  From the date you finalise your orders, assuming your house is ready for final fit-out, it will take around 5-6 weeks fit-out the house with your selections and get it cleaned and ready to handover to you.

Weeks 13-14 (approx.)

10 : Completion / Handover & Induction Tour

Once your completion date is finalised, we will carry on with the final fit-out and assuming there are no delays, we will make contact with you a few days before Completion to arrange a suitable time to meet and give you a tour of your new home. Solicitors permitting, we normally try to aim to meet between 11.30am-1pm to give you an induction tour of your new home. During this tour we will show you through each room of the house and answer any questions that you may have.  We will also transfer any utilities over to you on the day too, so you don’t need to worry about these.


On the day of Completion/Handover, your new home will not be legally yours until completion monies arrive with our Solicitors.  Therefore for insurance purposes, no deliveries or personal property can be delivered to your new home until the legal process is complete.  For Health & Safety reasons, we also need to carry out the Handover Tour before we can release keys to you.

For these reasons, we would recommend that you do not schedule any deliveries for the completion/handover date, as it will be mid-late afternoon before we can release keys to you and in addition, there is always a chance it could be legally delayed until the next working day.

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